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Laura Govan On Her Severe Yeast Infections “I Don’t Go Around Smelling Like Salmon Croquette”

Laura Govan is opening up in ways we’ve never seen her open up before.


On an episode of The Doctors, Govan recalls a stressful time in her life. She had just delivered her fourth child, was 100 lbs over her goal weight and was struggling with a string of vaginal yeast infections.


When asked if there was a smell associated with her condition, Laura Govan tells The Doctors hosts, “For me,  I don’t go around smelling like salmon croquette. Like I’m not… you know, I’m fresh. But, there’s still like… you know when you start rubbing, and the smell, it’s like anything – if you start rubbing cottage cheese after a while it’s like, it smells like a little cardboard with a little hint of, you know, something.”


Govan has her condition under control now, thanks to antibiotics, cutting down on sexy underwear and a change in her diet. According to Govan, changing her diet was the hardest part.


“My biggest problem was getting yeast infections because I can’t break sugar down,” Govan tells the syndicated daytime TV show. “There’s so much sugar in so many things, and changing my diet… it was hard, it was a struggle.”

Laura Govan now eats more greens, apples and less sugar. She also stays away from thong underwear.

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