Laura Govan Won’t Smash Shaq Because Of His Crusty Feet


Drumming up drama for Basketball Wives LA? Quite possibly. Laura sat down with Loop 21 in an interview laced with ghetto antics and profanity to show everyone what to expect from her on the show.


When asked about those pesky rumors of her throwing the vagina at Shaq Laura pumps the brakes on that rumor, “Hell no! Have you seen his feet? How you gon’ sleep with somebody who has feet like that? Like, I’ve seen him in his sandals” she continues on to say “I love Shaquille to death but I would never get down with Shaquille. I know him that’s why it’s hard for me… I think it’s funny. I can never say no with a straight face because that’s absolutely hilarious. And it’s funny because I feel like when I’ve seen him or been around him, we just have a good time. We’re like brother and sister. And if you don’t pick up on that dynamic then…” Oh my Laura, so you won’t sleep with Shaq because his feet are ugly and because you know him. So you sleep with strangers? Your words not mine! 


Check out the crazy Loop 21 interview in its entirety by clicking HERE.



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