Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Says IG Live About Childhood Trauma Was Taken Out Of Context: ‘Please Do Not Go Bashing My Parents Right Now’

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R & B singer Lauryn Hill became a trending topic on Tuesday after her daughter, Selah Marley, went live on Instagram, reflecting on childhood trauma.

The 21-year-old detailed the long-term effects of having an absent father and “angry” mother. Marley said she lived with her grandparents most of her childhood.

“She was just very angry … She was literally unapproachable and uneasy to talk to,” she said. “And so, when we got disciplined, it’s crazy, I’m playing this trauma back in my head.”

Marley said Lauryn would order her to get the belt; she said it felt like she was walking to her death. Marley added that her mother would hold her hand above her head before beating her.

She referred to her mother’s threats and beatings as “slave owner mentality.” Marley further stated that she did not have peace as a young child.

Also, in the two-hour-long video, Marley talked about how her mother used to cry about her absent father.

On the positive side, Marley said her mother changed by the time she was in the sixth grade.

“She actually changed a lot … I’m actually really proud of her.”

But as expected, Marley’s parents, Hill and Rohan Marley, received backlash online following the video.

Marley fired shots at media outlets for misconstruing the context of her video and highlighting “the worst part.”

She clarified that the discussion was about the trauma that she experienced from a lack of unity in her household.

In her recent IG post, Marley made it very clear that she loves her parents despite their past shortcomings.

“Please do not go bashing my parents right now—especially my father,” she wrote. “I never said I did not love them. I said that their shortcomings created trauma that I now need to consciously and actively heal from.”

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