LaVar Ball on the Lakers Being LeBron James’ Team: “How Is It Going To Be LeBron’s Team? He Ain’t Homegrown”

Since joining the Los Angeles Lakers last month, LeBron James is clearly the new face of the franchise. However, according to LaVar Ball, the team still belongs to his son, Lonzo Ball.

“How is it going to be LeBron’s team? He ain’t homegrown,” Ball said during a recent interview on Los Angeles radio station Power 106. “You say what you want, but we know what it is … Lonzo didn’t go to Cleveland. LeBron came over here. We already over here.”

Aside from debating, Ball went on to add that the primary objective is for the pair to co-exist and win together.

“He can’t learn nothing from Lonzo, and Lonzo can’t learn nothing from him,” he said. “What they gotta do is win together. They both know how to win, so that’s the main thing.”

Prior to his most recent comments regarding LeBron, the outspoken patriarch of the Ball family also predicted that the duo will compliment each other on the court.

“Lonzo makes everybody better, including him [LeBron],” he said during a July video interview with sports media outlet, Overtime. “[And] he’s going to make Lonzo better because he’s the best player. Lonzo’s gonna orchestrate it, and [LeBron’s] gonna be fine with that as long as it results in winning.”

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