LeBron James And Guests Discuss Trump, Kaepernick, Kevin Hart, The Oscars And Antonio Brown Being Traded On ‘The Shop’

On the latest episode of HBO’s ‘The Shop,’ host NBA superstar LeBron James tackled many topics with his array of special guests Jarrod Carmichael, Jamie Foxx, Antonio Brown and more.

The conversation began with the question of whether some celebrities feel pressured to become “civil rights leaders” because of #DonaldTrump. To that, comedian Jarrod Carmichael stated that since Trump took office in 2017, his opponents are “not having fun,” and feel “terrified” and “bogged down.”

Carmichael said, “They’re afraid to not say speaking points,” meaning that there was a concern they could face backlash from Trump over what they say.

The discussion eventually turned to Colin Kaepernick and his protests of police mistreatment of minorities. Lebron said,

“Kap stood for something that was bigger than him. How many people can wake up and say ‘You know what, I’ll give up everything that I’ve worked for my whole life, for the better of the conversation. I’m gonna lose everything I’ve got personally to better the conversation.’”

Jamie Foxx was asked his thoughts about comedian #KevinHart stepping down from hosting the Academy Awards, as he called the situation “f**ked up.” Foxx said, “The Oscars lost out. They lost out because Kevin Hart is the nicest f**king guy in the f**king world. He wants everybody to love him. What happened was, is that the Oscars have now allowed, in a sense, for people to hijack them because the Oscars are supposed to be about that night. It’s supposed to be about people who put their work in and go get their statues. When you now allow this so-called ‘social media,’ whatever, to take Kevin Hart out, we all miss out.”

Antonio Brown spoke about his current situation and desire to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown said, “That’s the narrative they try to create once you doing your own thing, ‘Yo, this guy a distraction. He this type of guy.’ All I’ve ever been was a guy who came from Central Michigan, sixth round who worked his ass off.” And in regards to teammate quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Brown said, “He feels like he’s the owner.”


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