LeBron James Calls Kobe Bryant Comparisons “Unfair”

LeBron James Calls Kobe Bryant Comparisons “Unfair”: “We’re All Different…”

People just can’t help but compare the likes of LeBron James to Kobe Bryant, and now James is speaking out calling the comparison “unfair.”

At the prime of Bryant’s basketball career, James was just settling in after being drafted. In addition to fighting criticisms that they weren’t Michael Jordan, the two were often highlighted as basketball’s most valuable players. 

But for several years now basketball fans have targeted James as Bryant’s mini-me. And it’s only worsened after a year of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, but now he’s had enough.

In an interview with Jim Hill of CBS, James called the Kobe-LeBron comparison unfair, as the two have taken different routes in their careers. “I think that’s unfair. That’s going to be the only thing that’s unfair in this conversation we have today because I think at the end of the day, we are all different,” he said. 

“Michael’s fans, Michael Jordan himself. Kobe fans, Kobe himself. LeBron fans, and LeBron himself. We’re all different on the simple fact that we all take different challenges, we’ve all had challenges, we’ve all had different courses, but the one thing that’s the same is that we would do anything to play this game of basketball every single day.”

He went on to say that him, Jordan and Bryant have had different paths that eventually all came together. “Mike had his path, Mike was the greatest,” he explained. “Kobe had his path, Kobe was the greatest. I had my own path, hopefully, someday someone will say I’m the greatest,” James concluded.

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