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That’s Baller: LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey Fetches $3.7 Million At Auction

The Miami Heat jersey worn by LeBron James during his NBA Finals Game 7 victory against the San Antonio Spurs has sold at auction for over $3 million.

This rare sports memorabilia was one of Sotheby’s most sought-after pieces, estimated to go for up to $5 million when it hit the auction block this week. It was ultimately purchased for $3.7 million on Friday by a single affluent bidder, making it the third most expensive game-worn jersey ever auctioned. It is also the highest-selling jersey worn by the 38-year-old. His 2020 NBA All-Star Game jersey raked in $630,000 at auction.

This may be the most expensive jersey to be auctioned from the basketball icon, but it is certainly not the only James collectible that has scored millions from high-end sports fans. Last year, a signed James rookie card went for $5.2 million.

The Heats jersey is particularly special because, during that close match, James scored 37 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in Game 7. The game boiled over into overtime, with Miami taking home the trophy in the 103-100 matchup.

Another jersey is heading to the auction, and it once belonged to someone that James looks up to. Next month, Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers jersey worn during his one season with the team is expected to sell for up to $7 million when it makes its Sotheby’s debut on February 2nd. In 2022, a jersey from Bryant’s rookie season was picked up for an impressive $2.73 million.

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