LeBron James Talks Fatherhood, Race And Motivation In HBO Premiere Of “The Shop”

LeBron James Talks Fatherhood, Race And Motivation In HBO Premiere Of “The Shop”

The first episode of HBO’s “The Shop” involved conversations on race relations, double standards in race, raising children and more. 

The Barbershop-style program aired for the first time Tuesday with a well-known cast including Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, business partner Maverick Carter, comedian #JonStewart, Golden State Warriors forward #DraymondGreen, rapper #SnoopDogg, New York Giants wide receiver #OdellBeckham Jr., Los Angeles Sparks star #CandaceParker and Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett, among others.

One of the questions that was posed to James was how he is able to find motivation to continue his career as a basketball player after 15 years. He said he finds his momentum from within. 

“I know exactly what the f–k I need to do, I know how to do it and I know how I’m gonna get the best out of myself,” James said. “I don’t need you to push me.” He also mentioned that his children give an extra push and highlighted how he regrets giving his son his name. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The 33-year-old baller then moved onto the double standards Black athletes face compared to white athletes. James said quarterbacks like #AaronRodgers or #TomBrady would be treated differently in the same situations as black athletes.



“For us African-Americans because I believe if the greatest quarterback in the world, he’s a white quarterback, if he’s Brady, if it’s Rodgers, if it’s Manning. And we’re doing the same sh*t, the same exact sh*t. I’m talking about the phone is on. We’re like, ‘yo get that fu**ing phone out of my face. I’m with my family.’” 

He continued, “If we’re out with our family and we say that sh*t, and somebody posts it. If Aaron Rodgers or one of the guys say that sh*t, and they post it, somebody’s going to be like, ‘hey you guys should respect Aaron Rodgers.’ They’re going to say to us, ‘oh you guys are fu**ing d*ck heads.’” 



The show concluded with the panel praising James for his #MuhammadAli-like attributes, and he plans to fight to better the world using his platform.

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