LeBron James' Longtime Agent Rich Paul Partners With New Balance to Launch New Sportswear Brand, Klutch Athletics
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LeBron James’s Agent Rich Paul Says White Athletes Don’t Want A Black Agent: ‘They’ll Never Say That. But They Don’t’

LeBron James’s NBA agent Rich Paul says white athletes don’t want a Black agent.

As one of the most powerful agents in the game and a centerpiece in the success of star baller LeBron James, Paul points out the major difference between him and other agents getting white clientele: his race. During an interview with The New Yorker’s Isaac Chortiner, Paul opened up about being a Black agent in an ocean filled with white agents. While Black athletes are skeptical of signing with Black agents, the reluctance is much higher amongst white athletes.

“It’s very difficult for me to represent a white player. It just is. Look around. There’s very few,” said Paul. “I represent a player from Bosnia. But, again, he’s international. He looks at it different.” When Chortiner asked if white players don’t want a Black agent with a smile, he replied, “They’ll never say that. “But they don’t. I think there’s always going to be that cloud over America.”

Nurik is the only white player in the NBA who Paul represents, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Along with James and Nurik, Paul has Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, Anthony Edwards, and John Wall.

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