Lecrae Talks Living "Ratchet and Righteous," New Financial Literacy Class 'Protect the Bag' and More (Video)

Lecrae Talks Living “Ratchet and Righteous,” New Financial Literacy Class ‘Protect the Bag’ and More (Video)

Not many people mix rap with gospel music, but Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae has made it his mission to deconstruct from a political version of Christianity.

We caught up with Lecrae at the Revolt Summit where he shared that he’s living “ratchet and righteous.” He also gave us the deets on his financial literacy class “Protect the Bag,” a  six-part youtube series that explores the different facets of financial wellness, covering an array of topics that include investing, saving, and budgeting. The show will feature NBA players, WNBA players, and actors discussing financial literacy.

“We’re just trying to help our community understand what to do with money — how to acquire and keep it,” said Lecrae. “Money is supposed to be capital, not for consumption.”

The first episode features basketball player, Michael Porter Jr. Viewers can expect a new episode of the series weekly.

Lecrae went into detail about how it’s okay to be a Christian and not fit into the typical standard of Christianity. This is in reference to him making a tweet earlier this year, saying “I love Jesus but I’m not churchy.” 

He explained that saying he’s not “churchy” does not mean he hates the church, he just doesn’t do certain things people may expect. “Man I love God but a lot of times people have these boxes that they want you to fit inside of,” he said. 

Lecrae said he feels like one’s relationship with God is not about the building or institution, it’s about the person. “I’m just an average individual. When you see me you’re only going to know I love God because I’m a generous, kind person,” he said.

“I just try to be real and honest for people who love the Lord but they out here in these streets,” said Lecrae.

He and 1K few have a tape coming out called “No Church in a While,” soon. “It’s going to be lit. Stay tuned.”


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