Legendary Hip-Hop Beatbox Machine, Biz Markie Is Currently Hospitalized Due To “Serious Illness” Not Related To Coronavirus

Biz Markie, known for classic hits like “Just A Friend” and “Vapors,” is currently under the care of medical professionals at a Maryland hospital, battling a “serious illness.”⁣

Reps for Biz tells TMZ that the illness is not COVID; however, the undisclosed illness triggered his type II diabetes, which caused the hospitalization. ⁣

“He is receiving the best care from an amazing team of medical professionals, and we remain positive about the outcome,” Biz’s rep tells TMZ⁣.

Biz has openly discussed his battle with diabetes and his 140-pound weight loss to focus on his health. ⁣

“They said I could lose my feet. They said I could lose body parts. A lot of things could happen, Biz told ABC news in 2014. “I wanted to live. Since I have to be a diabetic, If I didn’t make the changes, it was going to make the diabetes worse. I’m trying to get off [the Diabetes meds]. The way you gotta do it is lose the weight. I’m off half my meds, I just got to get off the rest.”⁣

Let’s keep the human beatbox machine lifted in good energy and prayers. ⁣

Biz Markie Hospitalized
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