Les Twins Explains How They Repay Beyoncé For "Saving" Their Lives: "We Thank Her In The Way We Dance For Her"
Les Twins

Les Twins Explains How They Repay Beyoncé For “Saving” Their Lives: “We Thank Her In The Way We Dance For Her”

Les Twins reflects on their relationship with Beyoncé and how she saved their life.

If you’re unaware the dynamic duo initially emerged as exceptional, identical twin performers, showcasing their talent in concerts, musical productions, and on YouTube. Their remarkable videos caught the attention of Beyoncé, propelling them into the spotlight. Since then, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois have become integral parts of Beyoncé’s artistic arsenal, collaborated with her in music videos and sold-out tours.

However, beyond their artistic contributions, Les Twins have expressed profound respect for Beyoncé and earned her unwavering trust through their discerning judgment. While speaking to VIBE, The twins recalled the Queen Bey changing their lives for the better and how they choose to repay her.

“[Beyoncé] doesn’t even have to say she needs help. Our relationship is very special because she saved our lives,” Larry said. “We was in a spot before Beyoncé, and it was not– I can’t really say it, but I don’t feel ashamed. It’s just very deep and she appeared like an angel and we thank her in the way we dance for her. And only for her it would be like this.”

Laurent also chimed in, adding, “It’s not even just that. It’s like when you have a certain gift and you know you have it, but it never served the right people or people don’t see what I’m seeing or what I’m about, and then someone really appreciates it. ”

Concluding the Renaissance World Tour alongside Beyoncé last year, the duo left an indelible mark with unforgettable moments such as gracefully traversing arenas on towering stilts and embodying Beyoncé’s essence as her “chair.” During a tour stop in Germany in June, an incident unfolded involving Beyoncé and the twins. While adorned in a custom hot pink halter dress from her IVY PARK collection, Beyoncé faced a potential wardrobe mishap that could have led to a wardrobe malfunction. Thankfully, the quick reflexes of Les Twins came to the rescue. With seamless coordination, one of the twins gracefully danced in front of Beyoncé, simultaneously discreetly placing a hand over the slipping area, allowing her to promptly adjust her attire and avoid any unintended exposure.

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