Let’s Bring In The New Year With Some Clarity By Figuring Whether or Not You're the Side Chick

Let’s Bring In The New Year With Some Clarity By Figuring Whether or Not You’re the Side Chick

“New Year, New You” right? But how can you be a “new you” when you’re still worrying about the same bull? Excuse my bluntness, but 2019 is tomorrow, and you still don’t know if your man is really your man. 

We’re not just talking about cheating, either. This goes as deep as finding out if you’re even his main chick. Scary thought? Of course, it is! But there’s no reason to waste another one of your beautiful years hoping his New Year’s resolution is to treat you better, sis. Keep reading to see if you should step into the new year with bae or leave him behind. 

1. You spent New Year’s Eve with him, but he got a “last minute” invite to a party and is sparse with the details. (Heads up, it wasn’t last minute)

2. You ask him if you can go with him, but he claims he doesn’t want you in such a wild environment…so why is he going?

3. He’s been MIA all New Years Eve, but it’s cool because you don’t want to sweat him. Come to find out, he’s busy planning his NYE party that you found out about on social media. 

4. Hitting him up about his plans doesn’t end up going anywhere because he’ll be with family and isn’t ready for you to meet them yet. 

5. You record/took a picture of you guys kissing when the ball drops and he presses you not to post it.

6. You weren’t his New Year kiss. (I mean if that wasn’t already obvious, you’re welcome.)

7. According to Twitter, his New Year’s resolution is “Money over everything! F*** these b****!” Charming. 

8. He picks a fight with you days before New Year’s Eve, so he coincidentally has a reason to go out with his boys instead of with you. 

9. The both of you celebrate the new year together, but you just can’t ignore that his phone keeps ringing back-to-back with calls from his “sister.”

10. He took a trip to Miami without you. Come on, we all know Miami is for baecations!

Consider us your 2019 guardian angels. Let us know if any of these ever happened to you.

Happy New Year!

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