Let’s Take A Moment To Acknowledge the Empowerment of Cardi B’s ‘Money’ Video

Yes, we said “empowerment.” Though the audio of “Money” shared the clear message that Cardi B doesn’t play about her bag, the music video delivered an even more powerful message.

So many aspects are to be admired about the Jora Frantzis-directed project.  One being Cardi’s blatant way of never letting anyone forget her past. While being a stripper is a part of someone’s history they may want to leave buried away, that’s what opens the video. (And It wouldn’t be a regular CardiB production if the regular degular girl from the Bronx didn’t ”show a lil a**.”) The rapper seductively winding down a pole is obviously something Cardi embraces and humbly carries with pride. So much so, it’s impossible to ignore. And let’s be honest, who’s ever heard of a dancer who wasn’t money-motivated?

We also have to take a look at the fact that there are basically no men in the video. Cardi is surrounded by her gang of sexy vixens all dressed alike. Even while another dancer takes the pole at a strip club, only the rapper and her crew circled around throwing cash. It could have just been a creative decision by the director, but it’s definitely interesting and refreshing to see women around each other without relying on men to get to the coin.

Cardi made a dramatic transition coming into the Hollywood spotlight. She’s been rocking countless stages and gracing some of our favorite magazine covers. She’s in the public eye a significant amount, which is probably why putting her on display at a museum was a creative way of showing just that. Bardi dressed as a gold statue covered by watches,  modeling her look in a glass case surrounded by several of her designer looks, being admired by onlookers. Of course, we have to appreciate how amazing she looks post-baby, but the way she’s blossomed into the fashion industry is one for the books.

Speaking of babies, did you think we weren’t going to mention Kulture’s cute cameo? Cardi mentions Kulture’s name in the chorus, but it was a welcomed surprise to see her official on-screen debut. Modeled as the Madonna, the 26-year old stood confidently breastfeeding baby Kulture, while proudly embracing all that comes with motherhood.

A final notable aspect is Cardi’s homage paid to Lil Kim. A scene shows an opened safe door with Cardi sitting in the iconic Kim squatting pose. Again, she’s rocking an all-gold-everything fit, similar to an MTV Video Music Awards look an always-controversial Kim wore in 1997. Never afraid to admit her admiration for the Queen B, it was an obvious opportunity to show her respect for the veteran. It’s difficult not to commend the “Invasion of Privacy” artist of not being too proud to acknowledge one of the industry’s trailblazers. 

It’s easy to go on and on about how visually attractive the entire piece is. However, we only have put so much time. So if you haven’t watched the “Money” video yet, don’t waste any more time and tell us what you think!

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