Let’s Talk: Is The 30- Day Sex Rule Necessary?


Back in the day, sex was this huge taboo thing and all “respectable” women waited until marriage. Those who couldn’t , had some parameters thus women had the infamous probationary period.

As women have become more sexually liberated over the decades, more have steered clear of celibacy , abstinence and even making their sexual partner wait a predetermined period of time.

With this new found sexual freedom, it begs the question if the 30-day (for some 60 or 90) is still necessary? Should there be time constraints on when you want to be intimate with someone? Or should one just go with the flow when dating?


Let me preface this with the concept of religion being negated as many people do not have the same moral compass, spirituality or beliefs in the same divine power. So what may be Biblical for some is simply a feeling or urge for others.

I cannot tell you what to do with your box or pencil. What I can say is do not set yourself up for failure. Know your limits and what works for you. Do know engaging in sex may change things for some people. And for others, it’s just that- sex. I know couples who are in thriving marriages after they exchanged sex faces on the first night. I know females that are single after making dudes wait 30 or more days. In contrast I know people who were only one-night stands and nothing more, the same way I know girls who waited until marriage and are 10 years deep into their union.

What I am eluding to with the aforementioned examples is that things can go either way with whatever choice you make. Do things because you want to do them. The guy’s decision to stay or leave is based solely on what he wanted from jump street. If you’re comfortable with making him wait, then wait. If you feel waiting is antiquated, then by all means, do you.

Your choice is just that-your choice. Make sure it is informed, educated and protected.


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