Let’s Talk: Do I have To Get Along With My Boyfriend’s Friends?

Dating is already hard with compromising and thinking of someone else other than yourself. Relationships are about trust, understanding one another, and COMMUNICATION. The biggest deal breaker is the lack of communication from both parties.


Well, what if you and your significant other’s relationship was amazing but you couldn’t stand their friends for a ton of different reasons? Do I have to like them? Is it a deal breaker?


The answer to these questions depend on the reason you don’t like these friends. Sometimes, the significant other and the friend are at odds due to the immaturity level, which will cause frustration and aggravation. Who the hell wants to be around that annoying friend? Not only are they annoying but when your man links up with him, you notice a change in your man that brings frustration to you because you don’t see these actions when the two of you are alone.


Not liking your man’s friend could cause problems, especially if they are really close. Your bae is not going to know how to handle this situation, so they are going to encourage the two of you to communicate with one another to see if you can work it out. He doesn’t want to feel like he has to choose between the two of you because of your odds.


What ever the issue is, discuss it with the friend. Try to understand why you two don’t like each other. It could be something so small or petty that could easily be resolved. You don’t have to like one another but you should at least try to be cordial. At the end of the day, your man is who matters the most to both parties.


You have to find a way to get along for the sake of your relationship. Don’t put your man in awkward situation where he feels like he has to choose between his boy and his lady.


Have you ever had your significant other’s friend dislike you? How did you handle it?

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