Let’s Talk: If Your Significant Other Cheated On You, Does The Number Of People They Slept With Matter?

Cheating is unacceptable, regardless of the reasons why the infidelity took place. Many wonder why the topic of cheating continuously comes up as part of a conversation as if it’s the norm. Well honestly, cheating happens every day, and it seems that it has become acceptable. 

The reason why I say it has become acceptable is because most of the time when a woman finds out that her mate has cheated, she forgives and tries to move forward. Although she says has forgiven him, she truly hasn’t. It’s always going to be in the back of her mind, wondering if the infidelity is still going on. 

Former Basketball Wives reality star, Brandi Maxiell, stopped by Iyanla Vanzant to discuss infidelity within her 17-year relationship with her husband, Jason Maxiell. On the reality show, Brandi shared how her husband cheated on her throughout their marriage, which caused so much turmoil. Although we knew about the cheating, no one truly understood the extent of the lies and infidelities, not even Brandi. 

Brandi assumed her husband cheated with around eight different women when in fact it was more than 50, and that’s just since the two walked down the aisle in 2010. Jason shared on “Fix My Life” that he has slept with about 341 women. 

Regardless of when the cheating started, it was unacceptable the first time let alone with more than 50 different women. My question to you is, “If Your Significant Other Cheated On You, Does The Number Of People They Slept With Really Matter?” 

It seems that a certain number becomes acceptable to some when in fact the idea of cheating shouldn’t even be tolerated. 

No one’s relationship is perfect. What you decide to deal with is your personal preference. But understand that if you continue to tolerate certain behavior within your marriage or relationship, your significant other is going to keep “doing them.” 

Cheating shouldn’t feel like a norm. Start putting your feelings and emotions first. Don’t just accept certain behaviors to say you are in a relationship. Understand that you can do bad by your damn self. 

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