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When is it justifiable to cross the line after a relationship has ceased to exist? Is it fair for one person to try and force the other to stay in a relationship that the other person just doesn’t want to be in anymore? What extent would you go to to try and salvage a relationship? 

Why would someone try to force themselves onto someone who clearly doesn’t want to be with them? How do you know when it is time to let go and move on? Breaking up can be extremely hard, especially when you’re comfortable with that person. But there comes a time when you have to let go not just because it’s over but because it is unhealthy.

Emotions can usually cloud your otherwise perfectly sane mind and not allow you to see the way that you’re acting. Being in love is trusting someone not to break your heart. But if you feel as though your in a constant battle with your lover, if you feel as though you cant trust them,that they don’t care for you, you have to let go. I always say that in order for someone to love you, you must love yourself. The first step is taking a step back and see if the person that you’re with and see how they act towards you. Someone who loves and cares for you, cares about your feelings.

If they are constantly disregarding them, than you know that it’s time for you to let go. Take a good look at your self worth. Make sure that you value yourself as a person, as the best person and as number 1. You should be your number one because you’re the only one that will be there for you, always.  Take care of yourself first, learn who you are, value yourself and realize that a toxic relationship in which your self worth is being attacked isn’t for you. It is abuse to put yourself through it. When you are the one doing all the leg work and running after someone you should probably let go. 

If you have to justify the mean and neglectful things that he does to you, than you need to let go of him. Justifying his bad behavior is just prolonging the inevitable. You are hurting no one but you self. Be honest with yourself and think about whether or not this man really does make you happy. We tend to think that we can make them act like they did in the beginning and stay in relationships not worth staying in. But the fact of the matter is that when you’re first dating, he is on his best behavior. He isn’t acting up, he’s showing you what you want to see. 

Sometimes, this man does a complete turn around and becomes someone who no longer makes you happy. You find yourself more stressed than anything and wondering what you did to change this man. You did nothing. It was him, and it is time to let him go. When it gets rough, make sure that you tell yourself that you deserved better. I know it’s easier said than done but everyone deserves someone who will do anything for them. Everyone deserves a man that looks at your imperfections and loves every single one of them.  

Make sure that you aren’t staying in a toxic relationship because you’re scared to be alone. Make sure you don’t run after someone who doesn’t love you, because not everyone gets the closure that they do deserve, it isn’t right or fair but thats life sometimes. Learn to be alone, learn to love yourself alone. If he doesn’t care to lose you, you’re better off. Find a man you deserve.

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