Life At Sea's Three-Year Cruise Postponed Due To Not Having A Ship
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Life At Sea’s Three-Year Cruise Postponed Due To Not Having A Ship

Remember the three-year cruise that was supposed to set sail this year? Well, it’s been postponed since the excursion has yet to secure a vessel.

Life At Sea announced earlier this year that they’d be offering a three-year cruise for $30,000 annually. The ship was supposed to carry passengers to 135 countries across all seven continents. Onboard wifi and family visits were touted as a perfect solution for those on the long-term cruise who wanted to maintain a vacation-work-life balance. However, things have not exactly panned out, and the company was forced to postpone its November 1st departure date. Now, passengers can expect to leave on November 11th once the company has a ship.

In addition to the delay, many passengers were also expecting to board the ship in Istanbul. Now, the trip will leave from Amsterdam, a three-hour flight away from Istanbul, CNN reports. However, this is still dependent upon Life At Sea finalizing the sale of their vessel. Just two weeks ago, their parent company issued a statement to CNN, claiming that the deal would be complete by now. At the time of that confirmation, the company was still eyeing its November 1st date.

Another issue is that many people have forked over thousands of dollars for their voyage, which hangs in limbo. Several passengers who spoke with the Economic Times described the anxiety surrounding the delays. 

“We are all sitting on pins and needles right now – the uncertainty is excruciating,” the anonymous passenger told the outlet. 

Nevertheless, the company is confident that they’ll be ready just days after having the boat in its possession.

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