Lifetime Responds to Andrea Kelly’s Threats to Sue

Lifetime Responds to Andrea Kelly’s Threats to Sue, Confirms That She Will Not Be Featured in Part II

Lifetime Responds to Andrea Kelly’s Threats to Sue, Confirms That She Will Not Be Featured in Part II

Last week, Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, expressed her disappointment with Lifetime for using recycled footage of her from the first ”Surviving R. Kelly” documentary in the trailer for its sequel, ”Part II: The Reckoning.”

The 45-year-old former reality star and choreographer threatened legal action, stating that the cable network has a ‘lawsuit coming their way’ for misleading viewers into thinking she would be participating in part two of the docu-series that chronicles R.Kelly’s mounting sexual abuse allegations, as well as his victims.

“When they brought the idea to me, I let them know that in no way, shape, form, or fashion will I be apart of it. They reached out to my children without my permission. They reached out to my family members without my permission,” Drea told ​TMZ ​Live, speaking of the upcoming sequel.

However, on Tuesday, Lifetime SVP and “Surviving R. Kelly” executive producer Brie Miranda Bryant, both confirmed during the New York City screening that Ms. Kelly would not be an active participant in part two. In the trailer, Drea is featured only for a short period of time in the same attire from part one.

“I hope she feels differently after she sees it,” Bryant told Page Six regarding Kelly’s threat to sue. “The pieces that were in the trailer are from her interview in part one. She did not sit for Part Two.”

Drea has accused the network of lacking to offer any follow-up support for the victims featured in the documentary, another claim that Lifetime disputes.

“We had two therapists who were able to consult with the survivors and participants after every interview who were there throughout the duration [of production].” Bryant further assured.

Drea has yet to respond to these new revelations.

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