Lil Boosie’s Case Against Dillard’s Has Been Dismissed

Remember back in 2017 when rapper Lil Boosie sued Dillard’s for racially profiling him inside one of their stores? Well, it looks like a judge has just dismissed the case.

Boosie claims that while in a Dillard’s department store in Biloxi, Mississippi, with his entourage, a plainclothes security guard approached him and asked him to leave the store. Boosie claims the guard maced him and his crew and called them the n-word. Boosie later sued for gross negligence, failure to properly train, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to his complaint, the Baton Rouge rapper also said that one of his co-plaintiffs was 27 weeks pregnant with twins, and the incident resulted in her giving birth prematurely, which then led to the babies suffering from many ailments.

Initially, Dillard’s and its contract security company, Weiser, denied Boosie’s claims. However, in 2019, Dillards’ codefendants Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC, Weiser Security Services, Inc., and the city of Biloxi, Mississippi, settled with Boosie out of court for an undisclosed amount. As the case against Dillards was still ongoing, Boosie’s lawyer quit due to a conflict of interest. The judge gave the rapper months to find a new lawyer to proceed with the case. Since Boosie never followed through, the case against Dillard’s was officially dropped.

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