Lil Duval Sued By Co-Creators Of Hit Song “Smile (Living My Best Life)” Over Copyright Infringement

Comedian Lil Duval has been sued for allegedly stealing his hit song “Smile (Living My Best Life)” from the rest of its co-creators and solely profiting off of it.

That’s now two lawsuits in one week for the 43-year-old jokester. According to BOSSIP,  just days before the mother of his child sued him for child support for their daughter, Duval’s former friends filed a lawsuit against him for co-opting their hit track “Smile (Living My Best Life).”

The comedian’s former friends and co-creators of the song, Darwin Quinn, and itchelle’l Sium sued the Florida native on June 19 over copyright infringement, saying Duval took the song they all worked on and made money off of it by himself. Sium is a singer-songwriter, while Quinn is a songwriter and producer. Quinn says that the group recorded the song in his Atlanta home back in 2017, and when Quinn played the beat for a song called “Back and Forth,” the team ended up writing lyrics to it along with a melody.

Quinn and Sium claim Duval snuck off and re-recorded the song they’d been working on with another producer. They state the producer re-recorded Duval singing the hook that they helped write and placed it on a different beat. The new song was named “Smile,” and Snoop Dogg was added to the song, Bossip reports. This is the second time Duval has reportedly played them, as the men say the comedian did the same thing with another song they all created called “Drop It Off.” After making money off the song, they claim Duval never compensated them for their work.

While the two men are copywriters of the song, Duval allegedly never let them see money from the song’s sales. They say now want $150,000 in damages for each case of infringement.

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