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Lil Nas X Reacts to Receiving Zero BET Award Nominations

BET has finally released its nominations for the 2022 BET Awards and it looks like Lil Nas X is feeling some type of way that he didn’t make the list. 

With 5 Grammy nominations, 6 iHeart radio nominations, 6 MTV Video Music Award nominations and an extensive list of other awards and accolades, the “Call Me By Your Name” singer took to Twitter to share his frustration with BET.

“thank you bet awards. An outstanding zero nominations again. Black excellence!” He continued, tweeting, “I try to be humble so bad but it’s really “F” you to a  Lot of you nig***,” he tweeted

His fans also seemed unhappy with the lack of acknowledgment. One fan said, “Lil Nas X not receiving any award nominations at the BET awards is why I will no longer participate in the “Black artists should come back to Black centered award shows” narrative. The anti-LGBT bigotry is clear.”

It seems BET awards wasn’t the only person Lil Nas X had to defend himself to. Someone tweeted, “what have you put out??? & don’t use that gay shit as an excuse don’t nobody care no more.” Lil Nas responded, “idk maybe 3 of the biggest songs of last year & a critically acclaimed album sunnytee_ i feel like that should’ve helped me a bit.

He has since deleted his tweets.

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