Lil Nas X Says He Is ‘Not Mad’ at Kevin Hart Following ‘The Shop’ Viral Conversation

Lil Nas X wants to stay above the drama, as he revealed in a recent interview that he is not mad at Kevin Hart following their viral conversation on HBO’s ‘The Shop: Uninterrupted.’

Last week on the ‘The Shop,’ the ‘Old Town Road’ artist was asked about his decision to come as a gay man in 2019. Before he could get a word out, Kevin Hart interrupted and said, “He said he was gay… so what?”, which was deemed as insensitive and dismissive by some online critics and fans.

During a recent interview on ‘Hoodrich Radio,’ Lil Nas X interview shared why he is not upset.  “No, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart,” he said, “A lot of situations like that, I don’t try to get into that. I don’t try to get into these situations because online I’m just here to be funny and laugh… I’m not trying to put nothing in, I’m not trying to say anything, because if you say anything, your words get twisted then you have to say something about that, and then you have to say something about that. Just on and on. So I don’t even try to get into anything really. But no, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart.”

Lil Nas X vs Kevin Hart

The hosts proceeded to try to connect the dots that since Lil Nas X is not mad, fans shouldn’t be mad either but Lil Nas X makes it clear that everyone needs to make their own decisions on how they feel and it shouldn’t be based on his feelings. “I’m not saying what anybody should be,” he said.

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