Lil Nas X Talks Grammy Nominations, Going On Tour And Performing With BTS At The Grammys

Lil Nas X talks his six Grammy nominations and setting up to perform with music group BTS at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in a new interview with Variety.

It’s been an exciting year for the 20-year-old Atlanta native. He has broken numerous records and made history with his hit single “Old Town Road,” nabbed several bags, including a line with Wrangler Jeans, and came out as the first mega-successful, openly gay rapper. “While his story is so incredible and it’s been such an unbelievable journey — a fairy tale — there is the downside of that. He’s had to learn everything on the fly, and he’s still learning,” said Adam Leber, Nas’ co-manager at Maverick.

Lil Nas X is the most nominated male artist at the Grammys this year, and he will be performing the groundbreaking “Old Town Road,” which has several versions of it, including one with BTS leader RM. According to Variety, BTS will be joining Nas on stage along with #Diplo, #YungThug, #MasonRamsey, #BillRayCyrus, and the original Nas.

Nas X says his next move is to put out a new album and go on tour. “I hope to have an album done by the middle of this year, mostly because I want to go on tour. This generation supports the artists themselves more than the music, and I want to meet my fans. I want to put together an actual show and not just do karaoke on stage,” said Nas.

While Nas X is excited to jump into his next project, Leber says he is a perfectionist who won’t release a project that isn’t ready to be heard. “There’s pressure. He’s a perfectionist. He wants every song to be amazing and doesn’t want any filler on the album. I don’t believe in putting the schedule before the creative,” says Leber. “The sophomore slump is typically due to too much pressure on timing to follow the first album. We want him to take his time and get it right. I’m not saying I want it to come five years later, but it’s got to be right. What’s the point of putting out a mediocre body of work?”

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