Lil’ Rel Comes To The Defense Of Tiffany Haddish After Tracy Morgan’s Comments About His “Last O.G.” Co-Star

Tracy Morgan sat down for an interview with Vulture about his show “The Last O.G” and when asked about his co-star, Tiffany Haddish, he became visibly bothered. When asked about his experiences working with Tiffany, Morgan interrupted and made it clear he was not trying to talk about Haddish, at all.

Morgan was stern when saying, “Tiffany is not the only one. This is not Tiffany Haddish show, this is Tracy Morgan… this is The Last O.G… If you’re going to ask about Tiffany… ask that about Cedric… ask that about craft services… everybody that comes to work on that show… we’re not going to go there.”

When the footage of this interview was seen by fellow comedian #LilRel, he responded in defense of the “beautiful, talented black woman”. Rel initially replied via Twitter, stating, “This is one hating a** dude right here that show would be nothing if [Tiffany Haddish] wasn’t on it… Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!” 

A few months later during a preview of Rel’s “Uncensored” appearance, he spoke about the incident and why he felt the need to defend Haddish. He said, “I don’t have a beef with #TracyMorgan, but I don’t like the way he was treating my sister.” After watching the Tracy Morgan interview, Rel recalls Morgan’s stance stating, “I mean, just the anger he got just as soon as they mentioned her name…that arrogance of not being able to praise this beautiful, talented black woman was disgusting.”



How do you feel about Tracy Morgan’s comments? Should Lil’ Rel have come to Tiffany Haddish’s defense? Speak on it!

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