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Lil Wayne Requests His Former Assistant To Submit A Medical Examination In Assault And Battery Lawsuit

Lil Wayne is demanding that his former assistant undergo a medical examination to clarify the facts in his legal case.

On Tuesday, legal records emerged, confirming that Andrew Williams agreed to undergo an impartial assessment by a medical professional per Lil Wayne’s request. The clinical examination will provide complete transparency regarding his injuries and medical background. This will include an examination of his psychiatric history and any potential history of substance abuse.

Last year, Williams filed a lawsuit against Tunechi, Young Money Entertainment, and a company named Signature Flight Support. The incident in question reportedly took place on June 10th when he arranged a private plane for the rapper. Upon boarding, Wayne allegedly engaged in a dispute with the pilot. When Williams intervened in an attempt to de-escalate the situation and prevent it from becoming physical, which Wayne seemingly did not appreciate. Consequently, the 41-year-old mogul allegedly struck him in the face.

Williams stated that he sought medical care at a nearby urgent care facility after the punch. Additionally, Williams claims that the only contact he received from Wayne and Young Money was a letter instructing him to return a Bluetooth speaker and a company backpack that was apparently missing.

Nevertheless, the Louisiana native requested that the judge dismiss the entire lawsuit, arguing that Williams did not sustain any injuries and that he had terminated him for failing to exercise “reasonable care and diligence.”

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