Lil Wayne Says There Will Never Be Another Nicki Minaj Or Drake.

Lil Wayne Says There Will Never Be Another Nicki Minaj Or Drake: ‘There’s No Such Thing’

Lil Wayne says there will never be another Nicki Minaj or Drake. 

It’s Young Money forever in Weezy’s eyes; the rapper recently shared his feelings on his artist’s career and how there never be anyone like them. 

“Ain’t no such thing as the next Nicki or the next Drake,” said Wayne in an interview with Brett Berish of Sovereign Brands. “Back then, music was different. They came in before social media when they had everybody’s attention. You’ve got to be more than someone to be a Drake or a Nicki.” As Wayne suggested, even if an artist does replicate what either Drake or Nicki have done, it wouldn’t be a guaranteed success because it’s impossible to predict who will blow up in the days of social media.

During the chat, the 38-year-old also spoke on how he loves seeing younger artists “copy” him. However, he said there’s really no way to “copy” him. “None of them trying to be like me… they don’t sound nothing like me,” he said, highlighting how many artists have placed “lil” or “baby” in their stage names. 

He has also talked about working on new music, Complex Media reports. Some of his current projects include a song with ASAP Ferg and another “I Am Not a Human Being” project. In addition, he recalled the days when he used to be overpowered by his former label Cash Money Records, calling the entire ordeal “frustrating.” While he was discouraged, he says he never stopped making music and even collaborated with other artists who knew the songs weren’t never coming out.”

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