Lil Wayne Wanted To Scrap His Famous “F Is For Phenomenal” Line Because It Was A Mistake

During a recent sit down with Andrew Barber for his Fake Shore Drive show, Lil Wayne’s longtime friend and associate Cortez Bryant revealed that Weezy nearly did away with a famous, “F is for phenomenal” line after realizing the mistake on his 2009 track, “Yes.”

“The word starts with ‘ph,’ but he said ‘f,’ right?” Bryant says during the interview. “He was like, ‘Oh sh-t, I gotta change that.’ We released it. We had an argument about that. He not understanding the concept about digital, and it’s gone now…We had pressed tons of CDs, but he didn’t realize he spelled it wrong, and I didn’t catch it.”

Bryant explained that Wayne was not satisfied with misusing the word and was adamant about scrapping the entire mixtape over the incorrect line, which sparked years of think pieces regarding its meaning.

“Wayne is a perfectionist about that, using his words and prepositions in [the] correct way,” Bryant continued. “He might misspell something on purpose for lyrical exercise and wordplay, but he’s really precise about his wordplay. He was really down, pissed, ‘F-ck the whole mixtape’ just because of that one damn line.”

Whether you refer to him as Lil Wayne, Dwayne Carter, or Tunechi, one thing we can all agree on is that Weezy F. Baby remains the GOAT.

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