Lil Yachty Says Atlanta Protests Won’t Change New Voting Laws

Lil Yachty is not convinced that boycotting is going to change the new voting laws in Georgia.

When TMZ caught up with Yachty leaving dinner at Delilah in WeHo and asked him his thoughts on companies pulling out of Georgia following their controversial voting laws, the Quality Control star said their efforts were likely null and void.

“I don’t think that really plays much of a role. I think if they wanna do it, they gonna do it. But if they don’t, I don’t think that’s gonna change their opinion.”

The rapper was then asked if he is worried about the economy in Atlanta, with corporations threatening to leave the area in protest. However, Lil Boat says that the city won’t suffer much.

“I don’t know how long that’ll be that way.” He added, “It’s so much going on in Atlanta. Things will continue to thrive” before noting that film studios were making themselves comfortable in the city.

The new Georgia voting laws require a new voter identification requirement for mail-in ballots rather than the signature match used previously. The law also requires new drop-boxes for mail ballots but limits their availability and the times they’re available. Activists and voters believe that these were hurdles put in place to prevent people of color from voting in upcoming elections.

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