Limited-Edition Lucky Charms Galactic Now Available In Stores

Lucky Charms Galactic is now available in stores for a limited time.

The new intergalactic twist on the Lucky Charms brand will include three unique marshmallow charms shaped like rockets and planets. Luckily for cereal lovers, the limited-edition Lucky Charms will still feature its traditional frosted toasted oat cereal so that the taste won’t be affected in the least bit.

The packaging still features the red Lucky Charms box, with the iconic Lucky character on the cover. However, Lucky has traded in his standard Irish attire for a sporty green astronaut suit for the special outer space edition.

Lucky Charms joins a line of cereals that are getting a rebrand. Kellogg’s has introduced a new heart-shaped cereal in honor of Pride Month. General Mills has also introduced a new marshmallow cereal offering inspired by Ghostbusters arriving in stores any day now.

Lucky Charms Galactic cereal is available for a limited time in grocery stores across the U.S. Customers can grab a box in family-size for $4.99 or mid-size boxes for $3.99. Though there is no date when the cereals will leave shelves for good, those looking to get their hands on the new set of charms better act fast.

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