Limo Company Owner’s Son Has Been Arrested; New Reports Show The Driver And Owner Were Told To Get Proper Licensing By A State Trooper A Month Ag

The limo company owner’s son was arrested Wednesday and charged with criminally negligent homicide.
More and more details are quickly coming out following the deadly limo crash that killed 20 people last Saturday in upstate New York. The latest update is that the limo company owner’s son has been taken into custody. State police arrested Nauman Hussain Wednesday morning and later charged him with the class C felony after they picked him up during a traffic stop near Interstate 787.
He and his father Shahed Hussain, who owned the limo company, managed it together. However, Shahed who is currently in Pakistan gave full authority to his son. “My client is not guilty. Police jumped the gun in bringing charges,” Lee Kindlon, Hussain’s attorney, told reporters.
Investigators have grown concerned with the story as more details appear. On Wednesday, State police revealed the limo driver, Scott Lisinicchia, wasn’t properly licensed when he was stopped by a state trooper in late August in Saratoga Springs. At the time, Lisinicchia had just dropped off 11 people in the same dangerous, 2001 Excursion Ford that was converted into a limo. During the stop, the trooper told Lisinicchia he could not continue to drive the vehicle without proper and additional licensing. Unfortunately, the trooper legally could not take the driver’s license plates at the time.
According to New York’s criminal procedure law, a charge of criminally negligent homicide accuses a person of engaging in “blameworthy conduct so serious that it creates or contributes to a substantial and unjustifiable risk that another person’s death will occur…” If convicted Nauman could face four years in prison.


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