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Lira Galore Reportedly Wants Pee Thomas Fined and Jailed Over IG Incident

Instagram model Lira Galore is asking a judge to punish Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas after his messy tirade on IG yesterday.

In court papers obtained by @bossipofficial, Galore claimed that Thomas’ online post about her, where he accused her of abusing cocaine while pregnant and cheating on him – violated a court order in their current custody battle over their baby daughter.

Thomas posted screenshots purported to be text messages between the pair and made claims that the case was nothing more than a money grab.

In the court papers, the model said Thomas’ posts were false, libelous and illustrate how immature and prone to impulsive actions he is. But most importantly, she says the posts violate a court order – that Thomas insisted on – that bars each side from discussing the case on social media.

Galore said the “hysterical fury” that prompted him to air their dirty laundry on social media was the same thing that prompted him to allegedly assault her while she was pregnant with their baby.

She said that Thomas’ social media antics were meant to take the focus off of her allegations that he “severely beat” her during her pregnancy.

She’s asking the judge to fine Thomas $10,000 and jail him for 20 days for the violation.

Lira Galore vs P thomas

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