Lisa Van Allen Explains Why She Came Forward In 2008, Reveals Kelly Enjoyed “Penetration” And More

Lisa Van Allen, one of R. Kelly’s survivors who also participated in the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly,” called in and opened up on The Breakfast Club this week and shared many of her personal experiences and knowledge about R. Kelly and the team around him.

Van Allen briefly discussed her motive behind coming forward and testifying against Kelly in the 2008 trial involving the 14-year-old girl from the sex tape. She explained that she was speaking up for her.

When asked about people around Kelly that knew or may have aided in his abuse tactics, Van Allen stated, “They all handicapped this man…and they all helping him to coerce these women to do those things. It goes back to people before that, I mean I know people on his team. Dale McDavid is the one who threatened my life. June Brown, I’m putting names out there…June Brown would book flights for girls. June Brown took her to get the abortion by Rob and said he was my uncle.”

Later in the interview, she was asked if Kelly engaged in any sexual activities with young boys as well; a question stemming from another victim, Dominque Gardner, and her appearance as if she cut her hair off and wore masculine clothes to look more like a boy. Van Allen said, “I can’t speak for him actually messing with young boys, but I will say that there has been times he wanted penetration himself. It was from a female but still but I mean.” “Penetration how? Like pegging or like a finger? Not to be too graphic,” Charlamagne Tha God asks. Allen replied, “a finger or object.”


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Elsewhere in the interview Van Allen also revealed her continued mission to protect other victims, her thoughts on the running R. Kelly jokes and more.

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