LisaRaye McCoy Speaks On Nicole Murphy’s Kiss With Antoine Fuqua And Her Alleged Affair With McCoy’s Ex-Husband “There’s No Loyalty”

TMZ caught up with LisaRaye McCoy to discuss the recent controversy over a kiss between Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua. In the interview, she also explained how she sympathized with Lena Rochon because Nicole did the same thing to her.

LisaRaye was married to Turks and Caicos politician Michael Misick from 2006 to 2008, and in that time, rumors of infidelity between Nicole and Michael surfaced. And, McCoy had no issue or shame in confirming those “rumors” were indeed facts.

When asked if Nicole did the same thing to her during her marriage, LisaRaye said, “That’s true. Absolutely true.” When asked what happened, she stated, “…she messed around with my husband.” 

LisaRaye went on to say that although everyone does things they may regret in life, you don’t do things like that amongst friends.

McCoy said, “We all know that she [Rochon] was married. And that was 20 years, that’s history. You don’t do that amongst friends. Because there’s no loyalty.”

When the term “home-wrecker” was mentioned, LisaRaye refused to go that route. She said, “I don’t know if she’s a home-wrecker or not, I can’t answer that, but I know that what she’s doing in people’s homes is just wrecking it,” with a chuckle.

However, a source close to Nicole told TMZ Nicole denied LisaRaye’s allegation and said, “It’s not true. She’s [LisaRaye] been saying that for years. There’s no truth to that.”

Who do you believe, Baller Nation?

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