Lizzo’s Former Clothing Designer Speaks Out Following Allegations Of A Hostile Work Environment

Lizzo ex-employee has come forward to share her experiences after initiating a lawsuit against the singer.

Last week, Asha Daniels, Lizzo’s former clothing designer, filed a lawsuit against the singer and certain members of her team. The suit includes allegations of racial and sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and other claims. Daniels is now breaking her silence and revealing that she found the courage to share her own experiences after three former backup dancers came forward with comparable allegations in a recent lawsuit.

“I was really proud of them,” Daniels said. “I want a world where Black women can come and perform at the height of their career for their talent and not suffer these abuses and not be silenced and not be treated unfairly.”

Daniels was initially excited at the opportunity to create costumes for Lizzo and her dance team. However, her mood quickly changed within the first few days of her employment. Although Daniels states that she never had direct communication with Lizzo, she says that she spent a significant amount of time working with her supervisor, Amanda Nomura. In her legal complaint, Daniels alleges that she sustained an injury on the job when Nomura forcefully pushed her into a clothing rack. Additionally, she claims that Nomura prevented her from seeking necessary medical attention.

Daniels also asserts that within a group chat involving members of the production company team, an employee sent a picture containing male genitalia to the chat. She contends that some individuals in management found this image “comical.” Subsequently, after Daniels reported these alleged problems to a manager, she claims she was terminated from her position “without notice or reason.” As part of her legal action, Daniels is seeking a jury trial and pursuing damages including unpaid wages, lost earnings, and deferred compensation.

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