London On Da Track Baby Mama Wants Him Fined $1,000 Per Day & Jailed For Failing To Take DNA Test

One of London on Da Track’s baby mama’s is demanding that the music producer be jailed and fined $1,000 per day for purposely avoiding a court-ordered DNA test.

While Dayira Jones and London previously took a DNA test that confirmed the hitmaker to be the father of their son, those results weren’t admissible in family court. Therefore, London requested a second test. Jones and the boy took their portion by the court-ordered deadline, but London has not. As a result of him failing to keep up his end of the deal, Jones filed a motion for contempt against her son’s father, accusing him of blowing off the court-administered test in an effort to delay his child support obligations.

Jones is asking the judge to order London to pay temporary, emergency support while they work out the DNA debacle. As a stay at home mother, she says that immediate financial assistance is a must-have since London has not provided any support for the child since February 2020. She said that the lack of support had forced her son to receive his health insurance through Medicaid.

Earlier this year, Jones sued London for child support, claiming that the producer, who has produced for Migos and Young Thug, is worth at least $1.5 million. She requested an upward deviation from state child support guidelines because of his high income. London had been paying $1,000 minimum in monthly child support until halting the payments several months ago after questioning whether the child was his or not.

London fired back at the lawsuit by countersuing Jones. He also requested joint primary physical custody of the one-year-old.

London vs Daybella

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