London On Da Track Wants Full Custody Of Of Son, Claims Mother Of Child Is Unstable And On Drugs

Music producer London On Da Track is requesting that a judge grant him full, permanent custody of his son because he believes the mother of his child is unstable.

London told a judge that the mother of his child, Erica Vorters, is “unhinged and possibly drug-abusing baby mama” in a lawsuit that states that he’d like to be given full custody of his 4-year-old son, London. He alleges that Vorters acted erratically when the two met up in person and that she posted concerning posts online, according to BOSSIP.

The legal document also states that he believes Vorters is not “psychologically, physically or financially capable” of being a primary caregiver of their son and that he’d like her mental health to be evaluated. He added that he’d also like a special guardian to support the child in court, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP. London told the judge in the lawsuit that he makes $25,000 a month and would be able to care for the child full-time.

However, Vorters clapped back at London last month in a countersuit claiming that London threatened to cut off medical care for the child, who struggles with an unnamed health condition. She says she went to live with London’s mother for two months in Arizona and that when she wanted to leave with their toddler, London threatened to stop paying for his health needs if she didn’t leave London Jr. with his mother.

She claims that she was worried for her child, so she decided to comply with London and leave the child in the care of his grandmother. Her court documents against London state “out of fear and a lack of proper legal advice” she left the child at his grandmother’s because she had no other choice. Since then, she says she has been blocked from seeing him, according to her court documents. Vorters added that London is in and out of the boy’s life and does not always contribute to his medical needs.

In addition, Vorters claims London has not kept up his child support payments of $1,100 a month, saying he owes her over $20,000. While she says that she did receive mental health assistance from a psychiatrist, she says only sought therapy after becoming stressed out from dealing with London’s lawsuit against her. She maintains that she is fit to care for her son. For now, the judge has temporarily given custody to London, and the two are set to appear in court next month. Vorters initially filed a motion to have the case dropped, but a judge denied the request.

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