London On Da Track Wants His Baby Mama Punished for Talking About Him Online

London On Da Track wants the alleged mother of his child to pay for talking about him publicly.

Dayira Jones and London have been going head-to-head in court over the paternity of her son, as well as child support. Last week, the music producer claimed Jones had been insulting and attacking him online, degrading his ability to be a father and also posted the results of their recent DNA test online, Bossip reports.

“It was never a doubt. So sad that it had to come to this,” Jones wrote on Instagram along with the results of the DNA test. “No court should never have to be involved (sic) to make a man step up & be a father,” she allegedly said. The post has since been pulled as of July 6, but London says it doesn’t remove the fact that millions have seen it. Because of her post, London says her actions were a direct violation of a court order that was made in their ongoing child support and paternity case.

According to court documents, London says Jones is focused on “vilifying and harassing.” He says Jones is misleading her followers into thinking London was continuously denying his role as her son’s father, when in reality, according to him, he had been trying to get her to take a DNA test all along. He says Jone’s post is completely against the orders made in their case, and now wants her to be punished for slandering his name.

London vs Daybella

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