London On Da Track’s Mother Of Child Says She’s Thousands Of Dollars In Debt In Child Custody Case

The mother of music producer London On Da Track’s child says she more than $20,000 in debt and struggling to survive.

BOSSIP reports that Erica Vorters, mother to London’s toddler son, London Jr., gave reports of her financial status in a new court filing in the paternity and custody case against her. Vorters works as a nightclub bartender and makes $2,500 a month, but her expenses come out to $3,690, despite saying she lives below her means. According to her filing, which was obtained by BOSSIP, she pays $1,450 for rent, $400 for child care, and $40 a month to pay off $20,000 worth of credit card debt.

The 26-year-old mother says London hasn’t paid $20,000 worth of child support, as he’s supposed to pay $1,100 a month. Additionally, the outlet reports that London agreed to help out with the child’s medical expenses but hasn’t. Vorters says she spends about $350 on transportation because she doesn’t have a car.

The child is currently living with London, who filed a custody suit against Vorters claiming she behaved erratically and explained that he feels he is more equipped to care for their child. However, Voters said in her court filings that London threatened to stop supporting her and the child if she didn’t leave London Jr. at the music producer’s mother’s house. She claims the musician has blocked her from her son. While she admits that she has sought therapy, she explains that’s only due to her being stressed out from the custody battle.

London and ERica

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