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Long John Silver’s Brings Back Lobster Bites to Bring Back Customers

Long John Silver’s is reintroducing its popular Lobster Bites to participating locations in an effort to return to its glory days as one of the top seafood chains.

Lobster Bites are chunks of Norway lobster tail coated in a fried buttery breading. The chain is offering several ways for customers to enjoy the snack. For those simply wanting the Bites, they can always order a la carte in a Lobster Bites Tail Pack. Several meal options exist with the dish, including the Lobster Bites and Fish Combo, the Lobster Bites and Fish Platter or the Lobster Bites Family Feast, which offers an eight-piece meal of fish or chicken tenders and two Lobster Bites Tail Packs. 

The Lobster Bites returned in August 2021 after being discontinued in 2014. However, they disappeared again, to fans’ dismay. Their return is yet again only temporary, but it is unclear how long they will be on menus this time around. However, fans expressed excitement for the Bites’ resurgence when the company shared a reel of the tasty meal on Instagram. 

While Long John Silver’s saw a positive uptick in sales last year, the one-of-a-kind fast seafood chain has struggled in recent years. Once sporting nearly 1,500 locations in the U.S., as of August 2022, that number has decreased dramatically to 611. The restaurant used to account for 66 percent of quick-service seafood. These days, that percentage has also dropped to 33 percent. To spark interest in their food once again, Long John Silver’s has remodeled several of its locations to give off a fresh and welcoming look. LJS is also planning to offer a fish food truck for a more intimate encounter with its customers. The Lobster Bites are also part of the plan to attract hungry seafood lovers. 

Lobster Bites are available now for purchase at participating locations nationwide. 


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