Baller Alert Exclusive: Loni Love Talks Coronavirus, Amanda Seales on ’The Real’ And Why She Made Her Boyfriend Sign An NDA: “You Just Want A Level Of Protection”

Loni Love shares why it’s important to have unique personalities on The Real Daytime Talk Show, the coronavirus, and why she had her boyfriend, James Walsh, sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Baller Alert caught up with The Real co-star Loni Love, and in a brief interview, she opened up about the current COVID-19 coronavirus. When asked if she thought the show would ever go without an audience, she responded that it’s very possible. “For the safety, yeah, we would definitely do that,” the talk show host said.

While discussing some of the most emotional moments on the show, Loni expressed her appreciation for the program’s newest host Amanda Seales and opened up about the importance of having TV hosts with diverse personalities. “I think whenever you are transparent, you get, you know, emotional. And I think all the girls have. Every week it’s something with me, whether it’s my weight or I’m talking about the country, or disrespect, or something…You can just go on YouTube and see it.”

When it comes to what makes the show unique, Loni says it’s the teamwork of the hosts. “I don’t know, I think it’s just the chemistry, that’s why we added on Amanda Seales. She’s a firecracker, don’t you love it? That’s what we need,” said Loni. “You know what, I love any type of diverse voice, somebody that’s fearless, and that’s what we have in Amanda.”

Lastly, Loni touched on the recent reports of which the host revealed that she had her boo James sign an NDA. “I don’t understand why people are talking about it. You know, an NDA is important. I have, you know, I’m a woman of certain means, and I met this guy, and I trust him, but I don’t trust his damn friends, said Love jokingly. “I think all people, when you’re at a certain level of your career, you should protect yourself. And that’s all it’s for. It wasn’t meant to like, ‘Oh, I don’t trust him,’ that’s not it, because as a matter of fact, he made me sign one, too.”

Love said the conversation about NDAs has to be open and honest. “You just have to be open and honest. So, we were dating, but we were dating other people, but then once we became exclusive, I said, ‘Well, there’s something I need to talk to you about, and I think, you know, you should sign this NDA,’” Loni explained. ”It’s not necessarily about him, but when people are in need of money, or they get desperate, sometimes they’ll come up with things. And so because we were so new, um I asked him to sign it. So it wasn’t necessarily him like I said, I didn’t know the people around him and all of his friends. And they’re great. But, you just want that level of protection, and that’s why I did it. You know, a lot of people do it. A lot of people are making people sign NDAs before they even let you get in they house, but they just don’t publicly say it. And, of course, I said it.”

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