Look Boo, Don’t Be A Side On His Plate For Thanksgiving

As you prepare to slave in the kitchen with at least two generations of women in your family, you may be thinking to invite that special guy you’ve been talking to for months. Of course, you want this moment to be special because he will be meeting the family for the first time, eating your home cooked meal, and being by your side for the entire day. You have been looking forward to this evening for a while and you were convinced that this would lead to the two of you being exclusive. Well, at least that is what you are hoping for until he says he will only be passing through briefly for a plate before he begins house hopping for Thanksgiving.

Now that reality has set in, you have to realize that he is not your man and you are just another side on his plate. No one is calling you a side chick, you are just dealing with a man that doesn’t want to be exclusive, at least not with you. Inviting him for Thanksgiving was perceived in your eyes as the two of you spending quality time together. He looked at it as another home to grab a plate from.

It is not your fault beloved, you are just doing what many of us women do when it comes to dating. We move a lot faster in situations and see things the way we want to see it. You assumed that Thanksgiving was an exclusive moment for the two of you to connect on a different level, while seeing how he will interact with your family. That invitation for a plate was not an open invitation towards your heart and it is okay. Now that you know his intentions, learn from them.

Being a side on his plate just means that he has other intentions and not just with you. We have to stop reading between the lines and look at situations for what they really are. So, it is time to stop planning this imaginary future that we are all guilty of doing. Ladies, you have to plan with someone that is on the same page as you. The man that is for you will show you that he cares and wants to spend every moment with you.

Communication is extremely important in situations like this. Men clearly are not mind readers, so we have to stop thinking they know or understand where we are coming from. Majority of the time they are lost as hell and need a bit of assistance opening up. So make your invitations clear and precise before you end up alone for Christmas too, or better yet, spending money on gifts to receive nothing in return.

Don’t just give your heart away, ladies. We must protect it from being broken. No one will appreciate and love you the way you love yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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