Lori Harvey Arrested for Hit and Run After Allegedly Fleeing The Scene Of Car Crash In Beverly Hills

Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of famed television personality #SteveHarvey, has gotten herself into some legal trouble after allegedly fleeing the scene of a car crash in Beverly Hills Sunday night.

Reports say the 22-year-old was arrested for a hit and run and delaying a police investigation, and as a result, received a misdemeanor citation. However, Harvey was released on the scene instead of being booked.

It all reportedly started when Harvey hit a parked car on the 200 block of Moreno Drive in Los Angeles and ended up flipping her Mercedes SUV over in the accident. 

An eyewitness allegedly told OK! Magazine that Lori was texting and driving when she crashed into another car. Ok! reports that the onlooker said a man in the other car ran to help her, and eventually pulled her out of her car.

According to PEOPLE, authorities say she then fled the scene and walked away, but was later apprehended nearby by police, who arrived shortly after the accident.

“She identified herself properly and signed a written promise to appear in court,” said the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Earlier in the day, the model was spotted dining at Nobu in Malibu with her friend Amaya Colon, which she shared on her Instagram story.

Lori Harvey Alleged Hit And RUn

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