Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Advises Citizens To Always Wear Face Coverings When Going Outside

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says residents should wear non-medical face coverings when going outside.

Coronavirus, ish is getting real, as Cardi B said, and that’s why Garcetti is urging L.A. communities to protect themselves by keeping their faces covered with masks when venturing outside. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads primarily by droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through saliva dripping from a person’s nose, according to the World Health Organization. It also has been reported that the virus can live on surfaces for hours.

While the disease being airborne has yet to be confirmed as a characteristic of COVID-19, Garcetti doesn’t want people to take chances. “This is not an excuse to get closer,” he said. “This isn’t an excuse to suddenly all go out. You need to stay at home. But when you have to go out, we’re recommending that we use non-medical grade masks or facial coverings.” N95 masks have been reserved for medical officials; Garcetti mentioned that some people who are infected might not show symptoms.

Garcetti said the same rules may be applied on a statewide level. The city has launched “L.A. Protects,” a partnership between the city and the fashion garment industry to help make personal protective gear and other supplies for Frontline workers, ABC 7 reports. The effort is hoping to create five million non-medical masks for grocery store workers, non-medical hospital employees, and “others providing essential services.”

The mayor also announced that water and power will be turned off for any non-essential businesses that have gone against the “Safer at Home” order.

Mask Mandate

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