Los Angeles Officers Fatally Shoot A Black Man, Sparking More Protests

LA County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a 30-year-old Black man Monday, sparking even more protests against police brutality.

According to the sheriff’s department, two officers tried to stop a Black man riding a bicycle “in violation of vehicle codes” on Monday around 3 pm. When the deputies approached the man, he reportedly got off the bike and ran.

Deputies chased and caught up to the man a block away, and when they approached him, he reportedly punched one of the officers in the face and dropped clothes he’d been carrying.

Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean said that the officers “noticed that inside the clothing items he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun.”

That’s when both of the deputies shot him “several” times, Dean said.

The man, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene, and none of the officers were injured.

Dean said the officers were not wearing body cameras, and an investigation is underway.

The shooting death sparked a protest in the area with at least 100 people gathering to demand justice.

“How many more times do we have to gather out here, mourning the loss of our brothers and sisters,” one protester told KCBS/KCAL.

Black LIves Matter

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