Louis Gossett Jr. Checks Out Of Hospital While Critically Ill With COVID-19

Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. has checked himself out of a hospital despite being critically ill with COVID-19 due to death fears.

Sources told TMZ that the 84-year-old tested positive after falling gravely ill. He was rushed to a Georgia hospital, where he spent several days. He ultimately checked out on Tuesday, despite medical staff strongly advising against it. The Oscar award-winning actor has several underlying conditions, including cancer, which places him at extremely high risk of complications stemming from the virus. His age also plays a significant role, considering that elderly patients have always been at a heightened risk.

Gossett is widely known for his roles in “Roots” and, more recently, “The Watchmen.” In 1983, he earned an Oscar for best-supporting actor for his role in “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

The actor is recovering at home with his son, though he is isolated. His condition remains critical, and his loved ones are asking for words of encouragement and healing. 

Gossett’s message to TMZ and fans is, “Please wear masks, social distance, isolate, pray and listen within. We cannot survive without one another.”

 Louis Gossett Jr.
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

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