Louisiana High School Principal Requires Photos Of Prom Dresses For Approval

A high school Principal in Shreveport, Louisiana, says it’s up to her to say yes to the dress! The new principal at Southwood High School, Kim Pendleton, caused controversy this week when she sent a text to students informing them that she has to approve of whatever they planned on wearing for their April prom.

The text thoroughly outlined rules for female attendees but contained no explicit rules for the males. “As you begin shopping for your attire, please make sure you do not purchase any clothes that are sheer or revealing in any manner,” Pendleton wrote. “Also, make sure we do not see excess cleavage or skin. Prior to purchasing an outfit, I will need you to send me a picture of you in the outfit with your name and grade. Once I approve the outfit, you may purchase it. The approved outfit is the only one you will be allowed to wear to prom.”

The general consensus online is that Pendleton’s request is excessively invasive, noting the principal shouldn’t have a final say on such a memorable and expensive purchase. And it also takes away control over how students express themselves.

There will reportedly be an assembly in which students get an opportunity to voice their concerns over the requirement, according to a statement from Caddo Parish Public Schools provided to KTAL. “In April, Southwood will host their annual prom and school administration has taken a proactive approach of asking parents for photos ahead of their upcoming event,” the statement says. “It is a school-level decision for all formal dress to be approved prior to the event.”

Louisiana High School Principal Requires Photos Of Prom Dresses For Approval
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