Louisville Police Move To Fire Two More Cops Involved In Breonna Taylor’s Death

Two more cops involved in Breonna Taylor‘s death are being fired.

The Louisville Metro Police Department is looking to fire Detective Joshua Jaynes and Detective Myles Cosgrove for their involvement in Breonna’s shooting death earlier this year.

Joshua Jaynes is the officer who sought the “no-knock” search warrant for Breonna’s apartment, and Cosgrove is the one who fired the shot that killed her, the FBI discovered.

Both detectives received pre-termination letters on Tuesday from interim Chief Yvette Gentry after they were both found to have violated department protocols.

Jaynes was found to have broken the procedure for preparing the search warrant and “truthfulness,” his attorney said.

“Your actions have brought discredit upon yourself and the department,” Chief Gentry wrote in the letters. “Your conduct has severely damaged the image our department has established within our community.”

Jaynes has been an officer since 2006 and will have a closed hearing on Thursday morning.

“Detective Jaynes and I will show up for the pre-termination hearing to try to convince acting Chief Gentry that this action is unwarranted,” his lawyer said. “Jaynes did nothing wrong.”

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