Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Adds Fetty Wap’s Other Ex To The Cast

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood pulled a fast one on Masika Kalysha when they added her baby daddy’s ex-girlfriend to the cast.


According to TMZ, unbeknownst to Masika, Alexis Skyy has joined the cast of #LHHH. Masika did not know about the new addition until Alexis rolled on set with Nikki Baby and Hazel-E this week. TMZ says that once Masika became aware of Alexis, she went ballistic, refusing to tape and said, “I am not giving that f***ing peasant no airtime.”


Masika reportedly stormed off the set, but sources say she will remain on the show, as she has a great storyline she’d like to share.


Masika and Fetty Wap share a daughter who turns one later this month. Prior to his relationship with Masika, Fetty Wap had a highly publicized off and on relationship with Alexis Skyy.

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